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This is an interesting beginning to have this forum started around productivity. I want business owners, creative minds, writers, and more members on this forum. All to share their ideas around their beliefs and contribute to this great community I’d like to call….findthegeeks. With this being said, there are a few rules that come to mind. Simple ones that keep our community in harmony, balance, and understanding for each other.

You may find your posts on this forum awaiting approval by me. This has been used to prevent spam on this forum. Until a more active conversation starts here, new members will need to wait until the admin approves their post.
  • No Political/Religion Related Discussions
  • Trolling/Flaming – Please be respectful of other members.
  • No Affiliated Links.
  • This is an English speaking forum.
  • No self-promotion accepted on this forum.
If you have any questions to what is mentioned above, message Frank.

I believe this is a good fit for now.