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We’ve all been there before. You have something that you want to get done. There’s a goal or a task that you have in mind. You can’t seem to sort out your priorities. Well, how would you like to get all of this managed for you?

A time and a place where you can focus all your energy around the things that you’ve always wanted to finish on your own time, even after a long, stressful day off work. You come into the mindset of others because they have the same goal and problem as you. No one wants to see anyone else fail and your members help you get you to where you want to be.

A community, where the efforts of others are not known for “good enough” and yet, pass the standards of the average worker or goal seeker. These people are looking for you. We found them. And now that you’re here, you can get started today.

No more will you have to deal with the unproductive days that leave you slouched on that couch, watching TV, wondering when the cliffhanger will come. No more will you browse through the internet, looking for something entertaining enough to keep you away. This is it. Sign up. Start learning. And start doing today.

Our members all have the same goal as you. We aim to find the success in our lives that impact us where we will feel it. Financially, physically, mentally. An unrealistic milestone turned into something well within reach. You know it’s there. Tell us what you want.

Where we limit a certain amount of users to show the level of commitment for the mindset and the willpower to stay strong. Where we keep a log of our achievements and our partners, showing them that they are actually doing something that adds value to their goals and their lives. Where trying, finally feels like doing and you no longer have to beat yourself up for not getting where you want to be.

Findthegeeks Productivity Section wipes out the rest of the competition. No special fee, all members are after the same thing you’re after, with one price that requires your participation, your partner’s help, and the growth of the community, to find better resources that will help the forum as a whole.

Start today. Sign up until we reach the number of users ready to start this productivity group. Hurry up, slots may fill up soon and we’re only allowing up to 100 users at this time. Additional features will include: a separate forum only for paid members, a buddy system, and a group meeting to discuss what needs to be accomplished for our productivity goals.

I look forward to everyone participating. My productivity journey isn’t over. I hope that our members start a productivity journey during our sessions.

Stay tuned!

Above this message is a waitlist for our VIP section. A monthly subscription is due once we reach our capacity to start attendance. Other requests before the capacity limit will move up in line if the subscription isn’t paid within 72 hours. More information on where to chat and discuss this, coming soon.