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Well! First post here.

I'm Frank. Living here in Central Florida. I brought this forum to life due to a change I made in my lifestyle December 2019. I started working on goals, deadlines for projects, financial goals and more. I'm not sure why I didn't have this before. I thought the Kanban system that I used, was enough. I carried around a notepad with me everyday and would write down ideas or tasks that I would have to get done as soon as possible. Let's just say that I never got around to finishing the projects that I had in mind.

Only because my tasks were too big to complete in a matter of a week. There were priorities that I had and I never got around to completing my projects. I felt more productive with my time while I was in the military, as I had all this free time after work and on the weekends, to get whatever task I wanted to complete.

My workflow felt like water running through a river.

From one task to the next, I would make calls, drive to take care of an errand, and read a book I wanted to finish. All because my coworker/shipmate, told me that I would need to carry "this green notepad" everyday, on my first day of working at my new command. Although I managed to get small tasks done with my To-Do list, I couldn't figure out how to program or run my own website. I had no idea how in the world I could start up my own Wordpress website. Somehow, I never made it through my first theme. My website came out incomplete and it was left like this until my website domain expired. HostGator was a hard learning curve while SiteGround makes websites out of air. I used another site provider a year later after trying to work on a website....

The project was too big, even though I had a big whiteboard that said DAY 1 - WORDPRESS WEBSITE. I never got around to completing it....

This year though, I managed to finish about 3 projects. For eCom, course content, and pressure washing services. I was relieved because I finally managed to finish whatever I wanted to put out there on the internet. At a low-cost too. My biggest project for me has been my morning pages, which are reflections that I've written in the morning. It helps with writing personal events in my life and understand how my day went with my priorities (classes, personal projects, finances).

After this pandemic came by, I had more time on my hands and started working on my projects. There's probably more work that I have to do with productivity, as far as understanding my priorities and removing myself from mind-numbing content haha. The main takeaway here are the deadlines that I've set for myself. And for that, I am grateful for taking this initial step this year. As well as the stopwatch that I have by my desk, to remind me how much time I've spend on a task without distraction.

Everyone has their own processes in completing their tasks. It's only a matter of time that you get to do the things you've always wanted to do in your life than never. That is, to profit, spend more time with your loved ones, or enjoy the freedom you have from work. After that, I believe that creating a community is a great way to give back your time to the world. Investing your time in helping others grow, like they have done for you.

Feel free to share your story here!
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